Katie London Yogi 600hr RYT

My Story

My yoga practice began in 2014 with a Sivanandha Yoga class; I immediately fell in love with the practice. In each yoga class I took I was transported to a place of calm and serenity. It was a few months of weekly classes and a lot of home practice before I realised the other improvements I was making. I became quite obsessed with this new yoga practice I had found and took myself off to India to complete my first teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. But this simply wasn’t enough for me; I needed more! After taking a second training in Vinyasa Yoga I quit my job in TV to follow my passion; to share this incredible practice with anyone and everyone I could. I’ve now completed my trainings in Yin, Advanced Assisting and Power Yoga and cannot wait to continue furthering my understanding and adoration of the practice.

My Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is a practice of celebration, belief, of self-compassion and love; this is what I strive towards finding in my lessons. My yoga journey began with the strict Ashtanga style; a type of yoga that enables you to learn self discipline, self-belief and perseverance. Having since been introduced to Vinyasa flow I have found more freedom in my movement, happily drawing upon my dance background to create quirky flows that satisfy both the body and mind. My lessons encapsulate my philosophy in life, and in yoga; ‘with the effort comes the ease’. I will provide you with an energising practice exploring the bounds of your body, before equipping you with the tools to cool off, level out and prepare for, or shake off, the day.