Katie London Yogi 600hr RYT

My Story

My yoga practice began in 2014 with a Sivanandha Yoga class; I immediately fell in love with the practice. In each yoga class I took I was transported to a place of calm and serenity. It was a few months of weekly classes and a lot of home practice before I realised the other improvements I was making. I became quite obsessed with this new yoga practice I had found and took myself off to India to complete my first teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. But this simply wasn’t enough for me; I needed more! After taking a second training in Vinyasa Yoga I quit my job in TV to follow my passion; to share this incredible practice with anyone and everyone I could. Since then I have continued to study and train in order provide my students with a rounded and fully comprehensive practice whenever we come together.

200hr Ashtanga YTT 2016 – Abhinam Yoga
200hr Vinyasa YTT 2017 – Frame Academy
50hr Yin YTT 2019 – Chi Therapeutics
50hr Advanced Assisting 2019 – Sunday School Yoga
50hr Advanced YTT 2019 – Emily-Clare Hill
50hr Power Yoga YTT 2019 – MoreYoga

My Yoga Philosophy

Since I began teaching in 2017 I have cultivated an offering of eclectic mixtures of classes: from structured, challenging Ashtanga and free flowing Power and Vinyasa, to soothing Yin and Restorative practices. My classes aim to strengthen, lengthen and balance the body to cultivate a freer, more content and compassionate mind. I am strongly committed to sharing the beauty of yogic philosophy so my classes always invite something for both body and mind. I feel deeply connected to the benefits of both effort and ease and will always provide my students with a balanced and nourishing practice.

I am a powerful and conscientious teacher who helps my students create space to feel strong, invite vulnerability and cultivate a higher sense of self-awareness.

“I want to give you permission to explore the practice; to cultivate strength and fluidity, to empower your mind and free your emotions.”