Studio Classes

1045 – 1200 Vinyasa (Levels 1/2) at Samsara Mind and Body

0930 – 1030 Vinyasa at Frame Hammersmith
1230 – 1315 Anti-Desk Yoga at Re:Centre
1730 – 1830 Vinyasa at MoreYoga
1845 – 1945 Power at MoreYoga
2000 – 2100 Yin at MoreYoga

0700 – 0800 Ashtanga at MoreYoga
1900 – 2015 Power (Level 2) at Samsara Mind and Body

1300 – 1400 Vinyasa at The Curtain

1045 – 1200 Mindful Flow (Open) at Samsara Mind and Body
1815 – 1915 Friday Night Flow at Re:Centre

1015 – 1130 Power (Level 2) at Samsara Mind and Body

I also for these studios so keep and eye on my instagram for weekly updates on my cover classes so that we can practice together!


Private Tuition

Whether you’re a total newbie, or a more experienced practitioner, one-to-one tuition can be a great way of compounding and deepening your knowledge and understanding of your yoga practice. With time for hands on adjustments, detailed explanations and personalised tips, private lessons can be of Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Restorative style; the tone and pace are set for you, to be enjoyed by you!

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Corporate Classes

With our workplaces growing ever busier and our time becoming so much dearer it can be tough to squeeze in the ‘me time’ that you, and your employees, so often need. Whether it’s a kick-start in the morning, or a calming stretch at the end of the day, classes are customised to the needs of your company.

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